Job Description

What are my responsibilities?


- Generate additional system & application business and increase OEM market share;

- 拓展新的系统和应用业务,增加OEM市场份额;

- Build up regional application and branch know-how. Implement & support applications for focused OEM branch segments;

- 构建区域行业应用核心技术能力,支持重点OEM行业的方案实施;

- Support customers with technical consulting, bidding, engineering, implementation and commissioning;

- 为客户提供技术咨询、投标、工程、实施及调试的支持;

- Support distributors in OEM market and strengthen their application and branch know-how;

- 为OEM市场经销商提供支持,并加强其应用和行业关键技术能力;

- Branch application training to Sales, Promoter and OEM customers;

- 对销售人员、推广专员及OEM客户进行行业应用培训;


- Covering the whole range of Digital Industries China product;

- 为西门子中国数字化工业集团全系列产品提供技术支持;

- Working out reference for application knowledge accumulation based on the pilot machine;

- 基于样机编写应用知识资料;

- Delivering clarification on technical configuration and designing pre-sale support;

- 为选型、设计等售前工作提供技术澄清和支持;

- Problem solving during designing, installation and commissioning;

- 解决设计、安装及调试过程中遇到的问题;

- Customized training for key customer;

- 为关键客户提供定制的培训;

- Commissioning for key or pilot project;

- 为重要的或试验性的项目提供调试服务;

What do I need to qualify for this job?


- Broad knowledge in DI China product lines;

- 熟悉西门子数字化工业集团产品;

- Fluency in reading & writing English;

- 英语读写熟练;

- Skill of communication;

- 较强的沟通能力;

- Summarize and documentation.

- 较好的文档概括及处理能力。


- 3- 5 years engineering experience (designing, programming, installation, commissioning) on Industrial Automation, certain branch application experience preferred;

- 在工业自动化方面具有3-5年的工程经验(设计、编程、安装、调试),具有特定行业应用经验者优先;

- Experience on working with industrial automation components like PLC, HMI (Human Machine Interface), Drive technology and Industrial Communication;

- 具有在工业自动化系统(如PLC,人机界面)、驱动技术及工业通信方面的工作经验;

- Team player, excellent service attitude and learning capability;

- 具有团队精神、良好的服务态度及学习能力;

- Hard-working with self-motivation, high degree of flexibility and mobility;

- 不断进取,努力工作,具有高度的灵活性和机动性;


- bachelor’s degree or higher, major in Automation or Mechanical Electronic Engineering.

- 大学本科以上学历,自动化专业或机电一体化专业。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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