SSMR MR Product Support Engineer 产品支持工程师

Job Description

Evaluate the performance of the products  according to IPB&site feedback to provide feedback to PLM & SCM to improve product quality.


Be responsible to some components by distributing CS requirements and experience to PLM for excellent production serviceability; by writing technical documentation for easy service activities.  负责某些部件,把CS的需求和经验分享给PLM以实现产品的可维护性,编写技术文档以方便维修。

Insure the spare parts support with CSML  by professonal technical knowledge and experience to maintain SSMR products life cycle.

Monitor the global notification review for SSMR productions to ensure PSI correctly recognized and documented.

Define the spare part and IVK during project development and ensure the spare part availability at D4. 项目开发过程中定义备件和IVK,并D4时备件的到库情况。

Contribute to the CR and charm handling to ensure the continous serviceability and spare part support. 参与CR和Charm处理,确保持续的可维修性和备件供应。

Contribute to the component test, integrated test and system test to ensure the serviceability. 参与部件测试,集成测试和系统测试,确保可维修性。

Contribute the updates ( UI ) and new knowledge ( Speedinfo ) to the local CSEs to maintain product at customer site. 发布更新和快速消息以助于全球工程师维护系统。

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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