西门子 大连研发中心 产品经理(阀门定位器产品)

Job Description

Product Manager – Valve Positioners

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The SIEMENS Measurement Intelligence (MI) creates outstanding innovative measurement solutions. Our products are designed to supply our customers with the best industrial-automation-equipment available in various industries - all over the world.

Your mission in new role:
• Be the responsible product-manager for Pneumatic Smart Valve Positioners for Process Automation. Observe the markets, define new products and functionalities, introduce them to the market, support their distribution and support marketing until product discontinuation. Special focus is on products for the domestic China market.

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented
1. You will be part of a young, fun, innovate, diverse and international team.
2. You will be responsible for products for actuation of valves in process automation and be the interface- function between suppliers, customers, distributors, external partners, production and development 
3. You will perform analysis of market, competition, customers, technologies and trends as well as derivation and evaluation of measures and product ideas, with special focus on the Chinese market 
4. You will create business cases to assess the economic success of product and project ideas in cooperation with the product controller
5. You will prioritize requirements and create requirement specifications for development
6. You will synchronize your ideas and approaches with an international PRM team
7. Preparation and execution of product launches in coordination with the sales department will be part of your responsibility.
8. You will monitor the product range and product-specific business figures and, if necessary, perform deviation management (CCB) to achieve business targets (unit numbers, profitability) 
9. You are responsible for Lifecycle management from introduction to product succession planning
10. You will develop marketing strategies and create content of marketing materials 
11. You will support product training  
12. You will actively support marketing activities (including booth duty at trade fairs, customer presentations, publication of technical articles)
13. You will visit Customers for sales support and deepening of application know-how 

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate
1. Several years of experience in sales or product management or comparable experience, preferably in an international environment
2. Industry knowledge in the process industry, especially in chemical and oil&gas
3. Customer experience / network in the field of OEMs, valve manufacturers and customers in the above mentioned industries
4. Knowledge of technical applications and requirements in process instrumentation/industries 
5. Knowledge of process automation and industrial communication protocols
6. Communication skills and goal-oriented work style 
7. Ability to make decisions and be assertive 
8. Ability to operate in a complex and international matrix structure 
9. Experienced and enjoying working strategically to develop and implement successful product strategies to tap into and cover emerging trends and industries 
10. Strategic thinking, planning and organizational skills 
11. Confident appearance in Chinese and English
12. Good leadership skills (clear task assignments, clear communication, active listening, direction providing, effective decision making, team influencing and energizing) are expected.
13. Fast grasping and learning essential.



• 作为负责过程自动化气动智能阀门定位器的产品经理。观察市场,确定新产品和功能,将其引入市场,支持其分销和支持营销,直到产品停产。特别关注中国国内市场的产品。

1. 您将会加入一个年轻、多趣、创新、多元化、国际化的团队。
2. 您将负责过程自动化中的阀门驱动产品,并成为供应商、客户、分销商、外部合作伙伴、生产和开发之间的接口。
3. 您将对市场、竞争、客户、技术和趋势进行分析,并对措施和产品理念进行推导和评估,特别关注中国市场。
4. 您将创建业务案例,与产品主管合作,在经济性上评估产品和项目想法的成功。
5. 您将对需求进行优先级排序,并为开发创建需求规格。
6. 您将与一个国际PRM团队同步你的想法和方法。
7. 您与销售部门协调,准备和执行产品发布将是你的职责之一。
8. 您将监测产品范围和具体产品的业务数字,如果有必要,进行偏差管理(CCB),以实现业务目标(单位数量,利润率)。
9. 您将负责从导入到产品继承计划的产品生命周期管理。
10. 您将支持产品培训。
11. 您将积极支持营销活动(包括在交易会上的展台值班、客户介绍、技术文章的发表)。
12. 您将拜访客户以获得销售支持和深化应用知识。

1. 在销售或产品管理方面有几年的经验或类似经验,最好是在国际环境中的经验。
2. 具有过程工业的知识,特别是化工和石油天然气行业的知识。
3. 拥有在上述行业的OEM、阀门制造商和客户领域的客户经验/网络。
4. 了解过程仪表/工业的技术应用和需求。
5. 了解过程自动化和工业通信协议。
6. 具备沟通技巧和目标导向的工作方式 。
7. 有能力做出决定并有富有主见。
8. 有能力在复杂和国际化的矩阵型组织结构中运作。
9. 有经验并喜欢战略性的制定和实施成功的产品战略,以挖掘新兴的趋势和新行业。 
10. 具有战略思维、规划和组织能力。
11. 自信的中文和英文表达。
12. 希望有良好的领导能力(明确的任务分配、清晰的沟通、积极倾听、提供方向、有效决策、影响团队和激发活力)。
13. 快速掌握和学习能力必不可少。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Sensors & Communication Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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