(SSLS) WMS Engineer

Job Description

• Ensure the consistency of all kinds of data among systems. 确保各系统间各类数据一致。 
• Improve logistics process to meet current business needs. 改善物流流程以符合当前业务需求。 
• Check the problems existing in each system, and propose modification scheme (such as bug, logic conflict, etc.). 排查各系统间存在的问题,提出修改方案 (譬如bug,逻辑冲突等)。 
• Promote and improve the basic data of warehouse goods. 推进完善仓库货品基础数据。 
• According to the business requirements, the deficiencies of software system logic are found, and the optimization scheme is proposed. 根据业务需求发现软件系统逻辑的不足,提出优化方案。 
• Co-operate with suppliers and other departments to do system test or joint commissioning. 配合供应商和其他部门做系统测试或联调。 
• Research and test of new scheme. 负责新方案的调研及测试。 
• Docking with external engineers and remote operation and maintenance team. 对接外部工程师及远程运维团队。 
• Find bottlenecks and redundant steps from the data, study the feasibility of the new scheme. 从数据中发现瓶颈及多余步骤,并进行新方案可行性研究。 
• Responsible for LSO monthly report release. 负责完成LSO月度报表。 
• Perform other tasks / responsibilities assigned by the line manager. 执行直线经理分配的其他任务/职责。 

• Bachelor’s Degree or above, major in logistics management or statistics related preferred. 本科或以上学历,物流管理、统计学等相关专业优先。 
• Fluent in English language skill, including oral and written. 英语说写流利。 
• Minimum 3 years experiences for related in logistics management or supply chain management, data analysis management. 至少3年在物流管理、供应链管理或数据分析管理相关工作经验。 
• Knowledge of WMS and SAP is preferred. 有WMS和SAP使用经验优先。 
• Have the ability of data analysis. 具备数据分析能力。 
• Familiar with manufacturing logistics management; supply chain management. 熟悉制造业物流管理、供应链管理理论知识。

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Switchgear Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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